Ways to Adapt 郑卓阅

发布人:新闻 发布日期:2019-11-25


Class Five Grade Five


                                                                             Ways to Adapt

Nowadays, the modern technology has changed the way of people’s living, but it has also affected the wildlife surrounding you. Just take a walk along one of your parks’ path, you will find out how every step human take will cause the change of the ecosystem.

Animals that live in the city need to adapt to the crowded and busy city. Some birds have grown thicker feathers to protect themselves from pollution, while others find a new way to live in the city because they will extinct if they don’t. Wildlife is badly harmed this way. No one on Earth would have liked thousands of people walking past him or her and being captured for fun and sold by merchants. So what would animals do? Studies had shown that nearly 90% of animals would choose a place with shadowy, forest-like place than walk in the middle of the street and being disturbed all day. But that is not the most important problem. People now have been so deeply into the wild that even birds couldn’t find a good tree to rest in. These poor fellas now have to grow even better sensors or they might be captured anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Do something. You can to help save wildlife!