Changes 李昂

发布人:新闻 发布日期:2019-11-25



Class Four Grade Five

No. 43


  In our life ,we will face a lot of life-changes. If we face it in a wrong way, we may feel very disappointed. You can change your life-changes until you can adapt it. Let me tell you the way I choose.

  Two years ago, I was in Germany. I loved that place because I could play whenever I wanted. But when I heard that we had to move home to China, I felt sad and panic.

I didn’t know how life was in China. My mother knew what I was worried about. So she started to teach me Chinese. But I didn’t want to learn it, because I thought that was too difficult.

   At my first “school day” I was so nervous and looked around the school. I saw that some students were cleaning the school. “At my old school, we never did things like cleaning,” I thought. And in the first Chinese exam I only got four points. 

I was very regretful that I didn’t learn Chinese carefully. “If I don’t learn these subjects, I won’t catch up.” So I worked very hard. I read many English books. I learn the Chinese characters carefully .I did ten books of maths exercise. I learn the science knowledge . Finally, I made a big progress. My mother often praises me now.

  So that’s my idea , will you try it?